Bobby Speck

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Interactive Experience Developer :: Magnopus :: Sept. 2017 - Present :: Los Angeles, CA
  • Create Virtual Reality experiences using Unreal Engine 4 and the Unity game engine
  • Missions system development and implementation, navigation/loading, tools creation on Emmy Award-nominated Oculus Rift experience "Mission:ISS"
  • Created gameplay features in Blueprints and C++ on "Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab"; gameplay features and Sequencer integrations on an internal Unreal title
Freelance Unity3D Developer :: Drawsta :: March 2016 - Sept. 2017 :: Pasadena, CA
  • Develop and maintain code base and layout for “Drawsta” Vuforia AR-based fashion iOS app
  • Augmented Reality playback of 2D/3D animations displayed from remote server
  • Social services integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Messages, and native Instagram plug-in)
  • Unity 3D C# scripting, incl. asset bundle creation and Xcode native bridge integrations
Freelance Unity3D Developer :: Tangerine Apps :: Febr. 2016 :: Playa Vista, CA
  • Optimized HTC Vive-based Disney “Jungle Book Kaa VR” experience shown in IMAX theaters
  • Shader extension/development, incl. Unity 5 Standard shader extension
  • Unity editor/controllers C# scripting
  • Lightmaps optimization
  • DirectX 11 / SteamVR configuration
Freelance Mobile/Web Developer :: EP Visual :: Jan. 2014 - Jan. 2016 :: Exton, PA
  • Extended functionality and APIs for in-house websites/applications
  • External asset capabilities, JSON data integration, interface builder and use case development
  • Unity C# and JavaScript scripting, object animation scripting, and Xcode native bridge integrations
  • QA role on in-house application development
Lead Unity3D Developer :: GLIDE Lab at Drexel University :: 2013 - 2014 :: Philadelphia, PA
  • “Keys to the Collection” educational iOS game in partnership with the Barnes Foundation
  • Module-based dynamic level creation, character creation, and Vuforia Augmented Reality
  • Managed game metrics collection, external server integration for account creation and asset uploads
  • Unity C# scripting for three mini-games and game overworld (endless runner, mesh painting, grid-based puzzles)
Adjunct Professor :: Game Design & Production :: Drexel University :: 2012 - 2015 :: Philadelphia, PA
  • Co-designed curriculum for “Advanced Game Art Production” course and taught introduction to gaming curriculum progression
  • Instructed students on game development concepts, as well as shader development, Unity C#/JavaScript scripting, procedural asset generation and animation, particle effects, image effects, and lighting
Multimedia Contractor :: Comcast University :: July 2014 - Aug. 2014 :: Philadelphia, PA
  • Designed and developed training material assets for Comcast University
  • Editing and layout of interactive video experiences and mechanics implementations for a training game in Construct 2D
Lead Mobile Developer :: Beyond Ink LLC :: Nov. 2011 - 2012 :: Philadelphia, PA
  • “Spirit of the Virginia: Prologue” interactive storybook for iOS released as a Top Book App on the Apple App Store
  • Implemented vector-based UI and hardware-accelerated 2K video with custom looping and chapter/scene select
  • Adobe AIR ActionScript 3 and Xcode integrations
Software Developer :: Environmental Tectonics Corporation :: March 2011 - Sept. 2011 :: Southampton, PA
  • Created a multi-touch multimedia presentation tool for sales use
  • Custom touch interactions and dynamic image, text, and video filesystem loading as well as a custom-designed updater tool


Exploring Asymmetrical Gameplay across Heterogeneous Devices :: Master’s Thesis :: Sept. 2012 - June 2013
  • Prototyped a cross-platform game experience with unique interactions based on hardware and software capabilities
  • Created a networked experience between iOS and Android tablet and phone devices, web, and Windows/OSX


  • Digital Media Accelerated BS/MS | Drexel University
  • Master of Science 2013
  • Bachelor of Science 2012, Magna Cum Laud, Honors with Distinction


  • Tools: Unity3D, Xcode, Adobe Suite, Maya, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio, Git
  • Languages: C#, ObjectiveC, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ActionScript, Python


  • Research Poster at SIGGRAPH Los Angeles, 2013
  • Adobe Design & Achievement Awards Semifinalist, 2012
  • Dean’s Merit Award for Research Day, 2012