Drawsta: Augmented Reality Tees

Sweet graphic t-shirts with a renewable AR animated layer.

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Drawsta iOS

I was hired to take the "Drawsta" iOS fashion app from the prototype stage to commercial release. I was responsible for developing and maintaining the code base and layout for the application, including integration with Vuforia Augmented Reality (AR), social services, and a remote server for hosting and distribution of weekly animated sequences.

The application was developed using Unity 5 with a C# scripting base, as well as native iOS functionality developed in ObjectiveC. Features requiring both Unity and native functionality were bridged via C. iVidCapPro and Prime31 plug-ins were integrated and extended for video recording and sharing.

I collaborated with a server programmer on the construction and integration of Amazon's EC2 backend service (including Amazon S3 for storage of Unity asset bundles containing 2D and 3D animation data). Additionally, I developed a tool to create asset bundles "at runtime" without requiring the Unity editor.