The Jungle Book: Kaa's Jungle VR

See "Through Mowgli's Eyes" in this Virtual Reality promotional experience.

HTC Vive
DirectX 11

I was hired to optimize and help with feature additions for a promotional virtual reality (VR) project. I was responsible for profiling performance and identifying bottlenecks, extending the Unity 5 editor to support custom functionality for the designers, and various C# and HLSL shader language tasks.

"Kaa's Jungle VR" was targeted for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. I was instructed on Vive hardware set-up tasks, and collaborated on troubleshooting "beta software" issues and limitations with SteamVR.

This project leveraged the DirectX 11 graphics API support in Unity 5, including depth of field effects, tesselation shading, and DX11-specific surface shader preprocessing. I conducted research on graphics card specifications considerations for optimal DirectX 11 and SteamVR performance.